Face Painting Parties & Fantasy Makeup Events


It's not just painting faces and bodies, it's art! Let your imagination run wild. Get the children, tweens, teens and even the adults together for a Face and/or Body painting party. These parties are great for boys and girls, men and women!  Be the superhero, monster, fairy, pirate, animal. princess or any character you always wanted to be. 

Residential Parties


Deluxe Full Face Painting

Deluxe full face painting designs that may include a little glitter, jewels or bling. These designs take 8-15 minutes each.  Recommended for up to 15 guests.

Great for Halloween Parties, Masquerade Parties, and Day of the Dead Celebrations. For these type of parties, the designs may take 15-30 min per person.  Recommended for up to 10 guests.

These parties are ideal for small mid-size parties where you want to have memorable photos and make a big impression. 


Quick Party

Assorted mask and half face design completed in 4-6 minutes. 

This is great for those little bit larger "neighborhood" parties where there are lots of kids but you still want to make sure that everyone gets a face painting. Perfect for mid-size parties. Recommended for up to 20 guests and will take approximately 2 hours.


Super Quick Party

Assorted cheek art and tattoos/tattoo designs that are really quick at 2-3 minutes each but still bring smiles to the faces of children. 

This is great for parties with lots of kids, mostly under age 5, and you want to make sure that everyone gets a painting. Perfect for mid-size to large parties. Recommended for up to 25 guests and will take approximately 2 hours.  

Specialty Parties



Glitter design/tattoo parties are great for pool parties or when you want designs that last longer. They are great for all ages.  We provide stencil and free hand designs. We will paint glitter designs or apply tattoos on as many guests as possible within 2 hours, Recommended for 20 -30 guests.   


NEON Face Painting

Neon and glow in the dark parties are very popular. Whether at your home or at a glow in the dark facility, we will paint fun and creative UV designs that glow under black light, We will paint designs on as many guests as possible within 2 hours, Recommended for 20 -30 guests.  

Large Parties &  Events

Mixture of quick party & super-quick designs. If you are planning on more than 20 guests you'll need us there for two hours painting kids and probably a lot of adults too. 

Ideal for family reunions, baptisms, quinceañeras, neighborhood parties, corporate events, & company picnics. We will paint a mixture of quick party faces and super quick faces on as many guests as possible for 2 hours. Recommended for 20 -40 guests.

Free To The Public

Super-quick designs at about 20-25 guests per hour. 

When you are expecting a crowd of people and would like to offer face painting, you need professionals that come prepared. We will have a super-quick design menu of proven crowd-pleasing designs that help get through a line quickly. Included is one painter and a line manager/assistant to make sure that the next guest is ready to go and we end the line professionally to reflect well on your company. 

Charity Rate

Pleas contact us for details and requirements

You can add additional painters, additional hours, neon paint, glitter tattoos or swag to any party for an additional fee.

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